The Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands is a beauty stricken strip of coast line and hinterlands in NSW. Ranging from Berry in the north, Bawley Point in the south and Morton National Park in the west this region is a multitalented superstar of relaxation, indulgence, activity, beauty, inspiration and the list could go on. No matter what anyone’s singular experience with the area has been, yours will be different. Every day is a new trail, every weekend is a different market, every month is another festival and every year is a new experience. More beaches, parks, picnic areas, trails, quaint rural towns, art galleries and scenic lookouts then you can shake a walking stick at. Jervis Bay area is a must see, and so is Kangaroo Valley, and so is Moreton National Park, and Berry, and Milton, and, and, and! It really is hard to not start shouting the names out like an excited little kid because The Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands really are that much fun. The excitement goes all year round with summer playing host to swimming and warm evenings full of boutique shopping. Winter is a time of wine festivals and cool afternoons for hiking. It doesn’t matter whether you are a far away tourist or a day tripper, your visit will inspire many “do you remember that time in the Shoalhaven” stories and lifelong memories.


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