Adventure Tourism in Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands

Adventure Tourism in Shoalhaven - mountain biking

Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands are known for all the Adventure tourism and adrenalin-pumping adventures – that’s because this natural playground is filled from north to south coast with untamable wilderness and hundreds of opportunities for heart-pumping fun.

People soar on engineered wings of fabric and cable while beneath, others dive through the undergrowth on mountain bikes, splashing through shallow creeks. Creeks that lead to rivers upon which kayakers explore. Downstream the rivers open up to the sea.

People are launching themselves from cliff faces into the churning waters below with glee and/or terror on their face as yachts ride the unrelenting wind further out to sea.  They cut through white capped waves as the crew launch their weight to counterbalance, sea spray stinging determined faces.

Shoalhaven has a host of fantastic adventure tourism experiences to discover, these are just a few of the main ones.


Fishing / Boating

Join a tour or hire a boat  yourself, the waters of the Southern Coast are teeming with life. Land the catch of your life on a recreational fishing trip out of one of the bustling ports, what’s more, is that you’re spoilt for choice for tours and hire meaning the prices are always competitive.


Kayaking and Canoeing

The rivers and waterways on the South Coast are truly fantastic, from rapid streams to wide slow moving bodies of water to coastal kayaking and canoeing there are a lot of options and all of them good. You’ll find tranquil lakes and great tour options in Shoalhaven itself.


Mountain Biking

Whether you’re after a cross-country trek or a single-trial thrill, the Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands have some great mountain bike trails to check out. Morton National Park is a popular spot for rainforest biking adventures that encompasses natural beauty, stunning vistas and historic settlements that you can explore at your own pace. Wingello State Forest also features a great mountain biking network, with fifty kilometres of single tracks that snake through hills and gullies. For families, there are many bike hire operators in the Southern Highlands towns and villages as well as cycling tours that take you on gentle, picturesque trails.



From the salty ports of the South Coast, there are some awesome sailing adventures to be had out on the great Pacific Ocean, skirting the beautiful scenery of the South Coast while braving the waves. Fantastic anchorages line the coast from north to south, offering exciting journeys and points of interest for seafarers and passengers alike. Drop into the small coastal towns along the way for an unforgettable journey.



There’s also stand up paddleboarding, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, waterskiing and jet skiing to keep you entertained, as well as the popular new water jetpacking.


Quad Bikes / 4WDing

The Far South Coast is also great for petrol heads, get the wheels dirty on some of the best off-road tracks in the country on a quad bike. Tours are great, but you can also explore some of the mountainous terrain with a 4WD.


Hang-gliding, Highlining and cable-gliding

Take flight over some of the South Coast’s most beautiful areas on a cable or by hang gliding. Ride the swells that roll off cliffs and peaks while cable gliding can make the experience safe for all ages and abilities.

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