Nowra Christian School


The mission of Nowra Christian School is to provide a Christian educational community as a centre of teaching and learning excellence, founded on Biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour.
We pursue our Vision from a Biblical base by aiming:-
In Personal Christian Life:
• To start and end with knowing God in all endeavours.
• To staff the school with people committed to live worshipfully under God.
• To live under the authority of God’s Word, and to interpret it thoroughly and reasonably with the guidance of His Holy Spirit.
• To nurture and encourage students into a reconciled relationship with God through Christ.
• To work in partnership with the Body of Christ as represented by those of faith in the school community.
In the Process of Christian Education:
• To encourage and train students into a love of learning.
• To equip students’ minds to understand God’s perspective in all areas of learning.
• To help each child & young person address his or her God-given potential, by providing appropriate educational opportunities according to each one’s abilities.
• To fulfil all Government requirements to ensure that we remain an accredited educational institution.
In Christian Community Life:
• To create safe relationships through being just and fair according to Biblical principles.
• To be compassionate and merciful as God is to us.
• To nurture and train students to accept personal responsibility for themselves (self-discipline); to act within an ethos of service towards others; and to demonstrate an attitude of care for the environment.
• To develop community life with the School.
• To maintain and promote K-12 unity throughout the school.
In Striving for Excellence:
• To encourage students to accept the Biblical principle of stewardship in relation to their gifts.
• To encourage and train students in work habits which can produce outstanding results in all school programs – spiritual, academic, cultural, physical.
• To encourage staff in their Christian growth and professional development.
• To provide resources necessary for the above.
In pursuing these goals, the School encourages the development of Biblically based values within the individuals who make up the School community.

These values are:
• Love,
• Courage,
• Truth,
• Wisdom,
• Excellence, • Peace,
• Integrity,
• Justice,
• Service,
• Compassion, • Patience,
• Faithfulness,
• Commitment,
• Perseverance
• Responsibility.

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