Sea Kayak tours of Jervis Bay


Explore the beautiful Jervis Bay on a sea kayak adventure out onto the calm waters. World class bay, sea, river and mangrove paddling experiences await in the crystal clear waters of Shoalhaven and surrounds.

White sand coves with resident dolphins and surf breaks hosting resident dolphins and migrating Humpbacks. Kayak through some shallow water and discover an amazing world of vibrant fish and sea life beneath the surface, if you’re lucky you might even spot a sea turtle.

Sea Kayak Jervis Bay offer a range of quality kayaking and stand up paddle-tours, as well as courses and activities. Above all it’s tremendous fun and a unique experience, more hands-on than any of the eco-cruises.


Take a popular half day trip, a short paddle with the family around a cove or an overnight camping trip further down the river or out along the coastline.

You’ll have numerous photo opportunities while cruising around, wildlife abounds as does dramatic coastal scenery. Catch a sunrise or sunset for a truly spectacular photoshoot.

It’s an opportunity for exercise. Get the heart pumping, kayaking is great exercise using your arm and back muscles and can help to strengthen your core and get those abdominals fit and trim.

It’s a great workout but not overly strenuous, because paddling at a moderate pace you still make good ground on the waves. A couple of hours of leisurely paddling will give a great balance of exercise, relaxation and enjoyment. There’s nothing better than the feeling of paddling hard to then rest the oar and glide forwards on the momentum.

Whatever kind of adventure you want, you’ll want to check out Jervis Bay’s kayaking opportunities, the wildlife, sightseeing and atmosphere is nothing short of terrific.


By Fred Hsu (Wikipedia:User:Fred Hsu on en.wikipedia) – Photo taken and uploaded by user, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By blueriotriver –, CC BY 2.0,

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