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The heart of surf culture is alive and thriving on the shores of Shoalhaven.  

Endless opportunities await as you surround yourself with unspoilt beaches and marine reserves. Trading waves with friends and family and no one else around is one of the purest experiences you can have. If you’re up for adventure you’re bound to be rewarded.

There’s nothing quite like standing up on your wave, whether it’s your first or you’ve lost count due to a lifelong pursuit. There’s something pure about that connection with the wave and mother nature.

Imagine: You’re driving down the coast, windows down and sun shining, you have the perfect beachside surf shack booked and your friends are in the car with you, your favourite tunes pumping.

You have a few spots to check out and that surf vibe is kicking into full gear. But before you book in, you could just explore down the next dirt road to see if there’s any waves awaiting you at the end.

When it comes to surfing, Shoalhaven is a prime summer destination. It’s not by coincidence that a host of Shoalhaven’s professional surfers are referred to as among the most talented, versatile and fearless in the world.

With an abundance of isolated coastlines, ranging from exciting swell exposed beaches to calm, protected coves, it’s up to you whether you want to tackle thunderous waves or go searching for fantastic hidden coves and bays. Many of these beaches are patrolled during the summer months, which means there’s also someone experienced around to give advice on ocean conditions.

You might also like to try your hand at paddle boarding or kitesurfing, there are many places along the coast which offer beginner classes which is the perfect place to start.

Whatever your persuasion or your passion, it’s easy to highly recommend catching a wave in Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands!



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